Houston K9 Academy offers A NEW GENERATION OF K9.

(Below list of testimonials and examples of trained dog performance achievements)

k-9-officersAs the founders and board members of K9 Officers, Inc we have personally been donating police K9’s for 15 years before starting our non-profit organization. K9 Officers was formed to assist more law enforcement agencies with the help of others who shared our vision.

In our many years in the field, we have had numerous experiences with working dog vendors. Houston K9 Academy has supplied very talented, healthy K9’s with solid training. We have been to their facility on numerous occasions and the facility is always very clean and the dogs are in top health. Houston K9 Academy has done an excellent job meeting our stringent criteria for trained police K9’s and assisted in matching the correct dog to meet the needs of the department and handler.

Being financially responsible is top priority in our organization and we know that when we purchase a trained dog from Houston K9 Academy we are spending the money donated by individuals and businesses very wisely every time.

morgan-coMorgan County Sheriff’s Department – Law Enforcement K9s
Jaz and the team at Houston K-9 are the best in the police K-9 training community. They really know their dogs and how they work. If you expect the best, then you need to go to Houston K-9 Academy.

Detective Tony Wheatley
Morgan County Sheriff’s Dept.

testimonial-padilla“Yasmin and Jason Stanze of Houston K9 Academy gave me and my family some piece of mind. Last year, we’d just moved into our dream house, and faced the unthinkable. For the first time, in over 30 years, our home was broken into. It created fear, panic & uncertainty. Ultimately, we needed to regain that sense of security.

We contacted Yasmin and Jason, and asked for their expertise in purchasing a home guard dog. We’re extremely grateful to them for selecting “Paco”, our giant schnauzer. Yasmin “Jaz” & her husband, Jason, vetted, purchased, trained & delivered our Paco. I’m thankful and grateful for the security that we now feel having our lovely and affectionate Paco.

Luis & Maria Alicia Padilla with “Paco”
Houston, Texas

alvin-pdI went to the Houston K-9 academy handlers course with a dog that was purchased there. Jaz, Jason, and Cody were great. They all three have a great knowledge of training dogs and teaching handlers, both new and veteran. I am very satisfied with my dog and the training we received here.

Keep up the great work.

Scott Green
K9 Nemo
Alvin PD, Texas

My experience training with Houston k9 Academy was awesome… I spent a total of 8 days training and learned more than I ever imagined. Their step by step instruction made the learning process easy and enjoyable.Their attention to detail in training dogs is second to none. The quality of their dogs is superb and I recommend them for your K9 needs. I can not say enough positive comments as to how I feel about Houston k9 Academy. Just wish I was closer and able to train with them on a regular basis. Already planning my next trip.

Ryan Curving
Paterson, NJ PD

testimonial-donnaI would like to compliment the Houston K9 Academy on their training & working with my 1 yr old Dutch Shepherd, “Haley”. They worked with Haley in her obedience & bite work. Worked very hard getting her more socialized which is huge since she & I are not around a lot of people & other dogs.

They gave her so much more confidence. Their facility is very clean & run efficiently. Jason, Jaz, & Cody are great trainers & very easy to work with. They actually CARE about the dogs & their well being in every way. I hope to able to send Haley to them to further her training. Thank You.

Donna Hannover

testimonial-houmaThe Houma Police Department was very fortunate to be awarded a dual purpose K9 through I was informed I would be selecting my K9 thorough The Houston K9 Academy. Living out of State in Louisiana I made the drive not really knowing what to expect when meeting the k9s for the first time. Arriving at Houston K9 Academy, I was greeted by the staff and Jaz said “I am not here to push any particular dog. I want to help find the right partner for you”. Being a first time handler this made me feel more comfortable because I had no clue how to select a dog! I watched about a dozen dogs get demonstrated and there wasn’t one dog was I not impressed with. Every single dog had a ball drive and hunt drive through the roof! I was truly impressed with how social the K9’s were around 20 people they had never met before. After consulting with Jason and Jaz I picked a Belgian Malinois and German Shepard mix (malaherd) named Marcel aka “Falko”. I was fortunate to attended a handlers course with seven Houston K9 Academy dogs. Each dog whether a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepard they all preformed vigorously each day and were always willing to work. The staff at Houston K9 Academy were devoted to ensuring that before going back to my home we were not only satisfied, but completely ready for any real world situations we may encounter with our new partners. This is truly the new generation of K9s! Thanks Houston K9 Academy for your hard work and dedication!

Thank You,
Officer Corey Duplantis
Houma Police Department
Patrol K9 Unit – Marcel “Falko”

oxanaThe focus, professionalism, and outstanding accomplishments of Jaz and Jason Stanze are without equal. My dog Oxana is an accomplished example of their abilities, but to see and experience the dogs they have trained for law enforcement, personal, and corporate entities is most impressive. Not only has Houston K9 Academy handled an outstanding dog for me, but the experience for me has meant so much in understanding and the awareness of what these dogs provide in a critical and meaningful way in all our lives, even though you may have no interest in a dog of your own! Contact them and learn of the ways they can impact your community thru education in schools, exhibitions and support of our law enforcement.

Joelle Rogers

harris-countyThe Houston K-9 Academy is truly “A New Generation of K9”. They are using cutting edge training methods to produce high quality reasonably priced canines for law enforcement. Jason and Yasmine Stanze have dedicated their lives to training the working dog. They stand behind their training and go to that next level to ensure that you have a truly remarkable dog. They want to make sure that you have the canine you need when you hit the streets.

Harris County Sheriff Office

testimonial-mcfarlandcityWe are a small municipal police department located in northern California with two K9 teams. Our department operates on a very limited budget. Recently we were forced to retire one of our veteran K9s, leaving us with only one K9 to handle patrol and other K9 needs. It was a blessing when we discovered the K9 for Cops program and their associate, the Houston K9 Academy. We submitted an application and they expeditiously awarded us (the McFarland Police Department) with a young male Shepard. We contacted Jason and Jaz Stanze with the K9 Academy and they treated us like family, from the initial phone call till the time we boarded the airplane with our new K9 “Otis.” A novel can be written regarding the hospitality we received from the K9 for Cops organization and the Houston K9 Academy and staff. The selection process was intense but was dealt with through patience and diligence. Jason and Jaz were determined to see us receive the best certified and qualified dog for our department’s needs. Jason and Jaz made sure the dog we selected was healthy and received a clean bill of health through veterinarian documentation (IE. hip and elbow x-rays, and blood testing). These procedures were performed in the presence of Jaz and the McFarland Police Department’s representatives, showing true transparency by the Houston K9 Academy, with nothing to hide. I believe the relationship between the K9 for Cops Organization, the Houston K9 Academy and the McFarland Police Department will be a lifelong relationship that will be honored. Thank you so much for all you have done for our department and making it possible for “Otis” to help protect the citizens of McFarland California.

City of McFarland

harris-county-precinct-1Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 1 had an unexpected and immediate need for two K-9 units in the Downtown Houston Courthouse Complex. K-9 Academy provided our agency with an excellent selection of dual purpose and single purpose K-9s. We chose 2 single purpose bomb detection K-9 units and have been satisfied. We were also impressed with the comprehensive and up to date training and trainers as well as the full service facility for boarding and additional training. The Houston K-9 academy staff has a wealth of knowledge and they have been extremely helpful with our K-9 needs

Carl D. Shaw, Captain
Office of Alan Rosen
Harris County Constable, Pct. 1
1302 Preston
Houston, TX 77002
Office 713 755-5200

K9s4COPs_logo“Houston K9 Academy has exceeded our expectations with the quality of dogs that we are able to provide to communities across the nation. K9s4COPs feels that we are granting some of the most well-trained K9s in the industry.”

Harris Co. Pct 4Houston K9 Academy does a great job of giving good quality dogs with good drive and good temperament to choose from. As trainers they are down to earth and teach in a way that is easy to understand and comprehend. As a new Police K9 Handler I had a lot to learn and Jazz, Jason, and Cody have gone out of their way, sometimes sacrificing their own time, to help me in my learning curve. When I came across issues with my K9 they have always had their phone on. They have the combined knowledge and experience to help out and train through the issue. Jazz, Jason, and Cody do a great job and have a great facility…just watch out for Jason’s white belt he likes to wear….he’s not from Texas so it’s excusable.

Deputy G. Henson IV
Harris County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office
Canine Division
Unit 4K90

testimonial-landon-davisI started this class with absolutely no idea what I was in store for and had no knowledge of handling a working K9. However, the staff at Houston K9 Academy were helpful and assisted myself and others from the selection point and still assisting many of us after the completion of class. These people have a real passion for their craft and it shows in their dogs and training. They make their living off selling and training working dogs but to this day after receiving a HK9A dog and training with them I don’t feel like a customer! They opened their kennel to us, treated us like friends and family and offered additional assistance on their personal time. HK9A is a great group of people that I’ve built a friendship with and will continue to support them in any way I can. Thanks for everything Jason, Jaz and Cody, you guys rock!!!

Landon and K9 Tyler

roberta-georgiaAs a Veteran Handler seeking a new K9 Partner, I came to Houston expecting the best, and the staff at Houston K9 Acadamy exceeded my expectations. Jaz and Jason Stanze do a great job of providing exceptionally trained, high drive dogs for Law Enforcement. The Stanzes along with Cody Tallent are professional, down to earth Dog trainers who have a combined wealth of knowledge and real world handler experience. Houston K9 Academy truly is ” A New Generation of K9.”

Capt. Wesley Griffis
Roberta Police Department
123 East Agency Street
Roberta Ga 31078

Angelton-ISDJason and Jaz Stanze were very instrumental in ensuring that the K9 that I
chose not only lived up to my expectations, but surpassed them. They have
made themselves available to provide guidance on any issue, should one
arise, and have shown me better ways to get the full potential out of my
partner. I am proud to say that I have a K9 from Houston K9 Academy.

Officer Christopher DuBois
Angleton ISD Police Department

mark-brinkerHouston K9 Academy is made up of a group of very knowledgable and experienced individuals. Jaz, Jason and Cody are great people to work with and will make sure you leave there with the very best dog for and your agency. They are very passionate about what they do and are definitely focused on putting out quality dogs over quantity! I highly recommend Houston K9 Academy to anyone looking for their next service dog!
Mark Brinker
Pasadena PD K-9